The story behind Fig+Stone

Fig+Stone was founded by Luis and Heather Figallo. The mission is to create unique experiences that are thoughtful, one of a kind and create memories to last a lifetime.

At Fig+Stone, we believe it is possible to make our client's daydreams a reality. The hallmarks of a Fig+Stone experience are simple, lighthearted and most importantly, memorable.

Meet the Team

Safety is our number one priority.  We make sure you have an experienced captain, a hostess to keep you comfortable and plenty of help on board to do all of the work.

Your job? Sit back and live the dream.

Rolando Landaeta Olaizola


Captain Rolando has been a commercial captain for over 35 years.  With a deep knowledge of the history of Mallorca, Rolando will guide you to the best the island has to offer.

Maaike Verdonk

Hostess And Translator

Maaike, originally from Holland, speaks 11 languages and loves sharing the blend of cultures & languages in Mallorca. She will ensure you are comfortable and happy throughout the journey.

Skylar & Christa

The Crew

Skylar and Christa are a nationally ranked competitive sailing team, both majoring in Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University in the US. They do all the work so you can sit back and relax.

Start planning your adventure

It's so easy once you take the first step. And, we are here to guide you through the whole process, 1.2.3.